CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A local nonprofit is providing Jackson Cemetery with a much-needed restoration.

The Historic Clarksburg WV Cemetery Preservation Alliance (HCWVCPA) works to conserve and bring light to the history that lies within the plots of Clarksburg’s six local cemeteries. President and founder of HCWVPA, Shawn Jedju, has recently been focusing on the Jackson Cemetery located on South Linden Avenue for the Clarksburg History Muesum’s upcoming, “Stonewall Jackson Civil War Tour”.

“Beyond the simple fact that it is human remains and we’re paying respects to our ancestors, it’s also really telling of the time. It kind of gives you an insight into the heritage, genealogy, to present-day folks, how an area got settled. It’s like a living monument-testament,” said Jedju.

Out of all six cemeteries in Clarksburg, only one has the resources to maintain the upkeep of its grounds, making the day-to-day work a regular occurrence for the HCWVCPA.

“It’s important to set a good example to my own children that we care for our history, I mean, we may not agree with everything that takes place in the history, but these are still people. They’re still family members, they contributed to society in one way or another,” said Jedju when asked about the significance of maintaining cemetery grounds.

Next month, the HCWVCPA has a benefit concert to help raise money for the nonprofit’s continuation. Volunteers of the organization are also always welcome and can reach out through the organization’s Facebook page.