CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The 6th annual Morgantown Kidney Walk was held at the Clarksburg City Park in Nutter Fort on Sept. 18.

All 11 Fresenius Kidney Care clinics in West Virginia were represented at the kidney walk. Participants walked their first three laps in honor of current patients with kidney disease, patients that have had transplants and patients that have passed.

The event raised money for the National Kidney Foundation, which helps patients with preventative measures, in an effort to keep people from needing dialysis.

“As much as I appreciate and value my job, I would much rather not have anybody in my chairs, it’s no life to live, dialysis is hard on your body. I would much rather give the money to the National Kidney Foundation, so that they can use the money to keep people from my chairs,” said Steven Steinrich, manager of the Morgantown Fresenius Kidney Care clinic.

Pre-screening, testing and education are a few preventative measures the National Kidney Foundation offers through fundraising events like the Morgantown Kidney Walk.