BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Christmas shopping season is coming to a close, but last-minute shoppers seem to always find their way out on Christmas Eve.

While the parking lot of Bridgeport’s Meadowbrook Mall seemed to be fairly full, the inside of the mall was not as busy as it would usually be on this important day of the year.

There were many individuals, as well as groups of people, who were walking around with a variety of shopping bags. The United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties still had its gift-wrapping booth up, and some shoppers even stopped to get their gifts wrapped before heading back home. However, a volunteer from the booth mentioned that they did not have many last-minute gifts to wrap, only a few.

Shoppers may find themselves low on time when dealing with their everyday routines. Between work, picking up kids and taking them to extracurricular activities, cleaning, and making dinner, when is there time to shop besides online? Another reason for last-minute shopping could be to get grocery items that may have been forgotten the last time an individual went out shopping.

This made me decide to stop by the store, Hickory Farms, to see how business was going for them this Christmas Eve, along with what seemed to be its best-sellers.

“Yeah it’s a little slow today, and considering the cold as well, but we’ve had a few come in,” manager Sylvia Barr said. “The top items are our cheese balls and our dips, which we sold out pretty quickly. We still have lots of the sausage left and that’s a big seller as well.” She added that this is Hickory Farm’s first year back in Meadowbrook Mall since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

On Saturday, the highest temperature in Bridgeport was around 15 degrees, with a real feel of -1 degrees. With these low temperatures, along with the wind chill advisory, it was understandable why some may not have gone out to do their last-minute shopping. There were customers that were able to bear the cold by bundling up to make sure they got everything they needed before Christmas.

One of these shoppers happened to be Samantha Linna. She had discussed with 12 News what brought her out to Target on Christmas Eve and just how busy she felt it was.

“I’m picking up some last-minute stocking stuffers and online orders, but, I just realized… I was not prepared at all,” Linna said with a laugh. “So I’m hoping to finish everything up right now. It actually hasn’t been too bad, and the roads really weren’t that bad either on the way here.”

If you have not already gone out to finish up some last-minute shopping, you will most likely be out of luck before Santa Claus makes his way to your home. The Meadowbrook Mall was open between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., with Target being the only store staying open until 8 p.m.

Grocery stores in the Bridgeport and Clarksburg area also closed at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and will not re-open until Monday, Dec. 26.