BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The Associated Businesses of Bridgeport (ABB) has announced that the annual Light Up Night event in downtown Bridgeport will be back to its traditional setup.

Last year’s annual celebration took place in a drive-thru manner, letting cars drive by on West Main Street to get into the holiday spirit but still main social distancing.

This year, the event will close down Main Street and let ABB members set up shop to showcase their products and services.

A very small crowd attends the drive-thru Light Up Night in Bridgeport on Dec. 3, 2020.

ABB officials said they are excited to see people together again.

“We’ve dealt with COVID for two years, and people have gotten smart, and they know how to protect themselves. You know, whether that’s through vaccinations or through masks. You know, it’s still five weeks away, but, I’m just really excited,” said Doug Marquette, President of the ABB.

All of the festivities will take place on Thursday, Dec. 2, with the tree lighting at the Benedum Center to take place at 7 p.m.