Pierpont Community & Technical College, Marshall University, and the Robert C. Byrd Institute have announced a partnership to provide new manufacturing careers across North-Central West Virginia.

The three institutions officially signed an agreement today at the Robert C. Byrd Institute with the plan of re-developing economical growth for West Virginia through the path of education. 

“What we’re trying to do is basically further our mission. Our mission is to provide open access to educational opportunities to absolutely everyone. To further their education, get training and to promote economic growth within our region.” Pierpont Community & Technical College president, Johnny Moore.

Moore says that the mission of all three parties stems from unsatisfactory within the placement of workers, as well as the lack of preparation.

The Machinist Technology/CNC Program will provide eligible students with college level coursework offered by community colleges to fulfill portions of a degree at Marshall University.

“You can come in and take a few courses and get a certificate. You can come in and get national certification in a area. You can get an Associates degree. You can transfer the college-level credits from that associate’s degree and get a regents Bachelors of Arts degree at Marshall. So, there are a lot of options and many entry points within the workforce for someone coming in within this program.” said Marshall University president, Jerome Gilbert.

President Gilbert says that the partnership with RCBI and Pierpont is just the beginning of setting the way for now only today’s generation, but decades to come.

“We know that there are jobs that will be created in the next 10 years that we do not even have right now, but we want to be ready to help prepare the students for those jobs and we want those jobs to come to West Virginia so that people can stay here in West Virginia and have a job and have a great life here without leaving the state.” said Gilbert. 

“Rather you have been out for several years we want you to know that as educational leaders we are going to pull our resources to provide you regardless of what your goal is what level you are a pathway to be successful and that’s our mission, that’s our goal and that’s our hope.” said Moore.