Local utility workers share experiences during National Lineman Appreciation Day


With April 18th marking National Lineman Appreciation Day, First Energy workers take us through day to day procedures of a line worker, as they make sure all costumers are taken care of.

With more than 2,500 line workers being employed throughout First Energy’s 10 electric utility companies in the states Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and West Virginia – one of Clarksburg’s MonPower lead linemen Ryan Compton told 12 News his five years of service started with a fascination of serving the community. 

“I just always thought it was a fascinating trade and it’s very challenging and rewarding at the same time, so not many people can do this line of work.” said Compton.

Ryan explained how some of those challenges include working long hours on minimal sleep to make sure customers receive the best timely, high quality service in their time of need.

“You’re away from family a lot, if a major storm rolls though it could be days or weeks that we’re working 16 hours on, you’re only home for a few hours just to sleep and then back at it. So, that get physically and mentally exhausting.” Compton explained.

Whether it is for hundreds of emergency call outs like severe weather or accidents, Compton says he is proud of the camaraderie that shared national through through fellow line workers both male and female, who risk their life everyday.

 “This has been a great brotherhood to me and all linemen with all other utilities, we all work together and we have one goal, that is to serve our customers and make sure that they have electric or whatever utility that is being ran to them.” Ryan Compton said proudly.

If interested in working for First Energy you can visit hiring site for FirstEnergy.

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