Local WWII veteran talks about his passion for painting


A World War II veteran from Webster County has spent over 80 years putting his vision of the world onto canvas.

96-year-old Navy veteran Wade Frame’s room at the Clarksburg Veterans Nursing Facility has been transformed into a painter’s studio. Frame spent three years in the United Sates Navy working on a troop transport during World War II. 

Frame said his love of painting began more than 90 years ago while spending time with his mother. 

“My mother took me down to a little stream that went down by the house and she picked up colored rocks and she would paint on another rock with those colored rocks. Course I was six years old or something, but that made an impression,” Frame said.

After that moment, Frame picked up a brush and began his life-long passion of putting acrylic paint onto canvas.

“Your mind will see scenes, especially West Virginia, if you live here. The mountains, the meadows and the clear streams, water,” Frame said.

Frame said that he doesn’t paint for profit, but instead paints to relax and for other people’s enjoyment.

“Oh I’ve sold one or two, but I didn’t try to sell paintings. I just painted to hang up and let people see it,” Frame said. 

Some residents at the Clarksburg Veterans Nursing Facility, as well as Frame’s family members are lucky enough to say they have acquired and framed some of Frame’s portraits.

“Well his picture is beautiful, it’s like a country scene.  How he does it I don’t know, but it has a complete barbed wire fence, a fence post with a field in behind it kind of like a fall grass in it and a deer in it. It’s just downright beautiful,” said Ed Rudder, a friend of Frame’s.

One of Frame’s most popular and prized paintings is on display in the nursing home dining room, and Frame said his painting career is far from over.

“I’ll paint for the last day of my life,” Frame said.

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