CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – A Delaware man who shot a Clarksburg city councilman will spend more than 70 years behind bars. 

Shooting victim Jim Malfregeot said it has been a long 20 months since the incident happened in 2020. He stated that justice has been served in the sentencing of 35-year-old Antonio DeJesus who will be serving 73 years in prison. DeJesus pleaded guilty earlier this year to shooting councilman Malfregeot and kidnapping his wife and mother-in-law. 

“Now we can mentally, emotionally, you know put this all behind us. It’s been, you know,I have had a lot of operations; I was in the hospital for 38 days, 19 at Ruby, and then 19 at Cleveland Clinic. So, you know, its , its an adjustment. I don’t know if we’ll every get over it but at least we know now, you know, he has no chance of being back on the streets,” said Malfregeot.

DeJesus was sentenced to 60 years for kidnapping, ten years for the gun charge as a felon, and three years for the malicious wounding of Malfregeot.  

“After this happened I coined the phrase after 9/11 ‘if you see something say something,’ you know, people if you don’t call 911 there is nothing we can do,” Malfregeot said. “I just want to thank the citizens of Clarksburg, the community of everybody, the heartfelt outpouring of love for myself and my family was just unbelievable. I just want to thank the citizens and everybody that did so much for us during my time of recovery.” 

Malfregeot expressed the importance of residents reporting anything suspicious in nature to the police by calling 911 and making a report.