CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Mon Power trims trees throughout the year to clear power lines for the customers they service in the state, and they are in 34 of the 55 counties in W.Va.

Nearly 5,200 miles will be trimmed this year to enhance service reliability. It takes Mon Power four years to trim all the branches in their service area, and in those four years, they cover 31,000 miles of power lines.

The yearly tree trimming reduces the frequency and duration of power outages from falling limbs during severe weather. The program was launched in 2014, and customer outages dropped more than 40% since the first full year of the program in 2015.

“It is one of the most important things that we do in terms of enhancing service reliability to out customer, because so many of our outages are caused by down tree limbs, down trees during storms, so its critically important that we do this work each year in order to reduce the number of outages that our customer experience,” said Will Boye, a Mon Power spokesman.

While trimming, trees are inspected to help preserve the health of the tree while maintaining safety near electric hazards. Trees that are unhealthy, diseased, or pose a threat to power lines or equipment may be removed.

Customers are encouraged to report sightings of potentially hazardous trees near their power lines to Mon Power.