BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Mrs. West Virginia, Christina Fowler, visited Johnson Elementary Little Chiefs in Bridgeport on Monday.

Mrs. W.Va. answered questions and spoke to students about two books, “What Makes Me Me” and “Kindness is a Superpower.”

She said that the book, “What Makes Me Me,” was written by both Mrs. Michigan and her son who has Tourette’s syndrome.

Mrs. W.Va. told students he was treated differently due to having Tourette’s syndrome. The book shares a story about treating people the same. She said, “just because someone is a little different than you doesn’t make them any less special than you.”

She choose to share “Kindness is a Superpower,” as well as she felt this book goes well with “What Makes Me Me” to help spread a positive message about being kind to everyone.

“My message to the students today is really to almost like the pay it forward ripple effect, so you know if you do something kind not only are you going to feel good about it that person that your kind to is going to feel good and that might inspire them to do something kind for someone else,” said Fowler. “and if we are all doing these kind things just imagine how much better the world can be.”

Mrs. W.Va. donated both books to Johnson Elementary, so students could read these books, and she hopes her words today will inspire students to do good in school, their community and to just be a better person overall.

Mrs. Michigan wanted one of her books in every state and so Mrs. W.Va. said she did her part and donated these books to West Virginia.

Mrs. W.Va. said she is Mrs. W.Va. until next March and would love to visit other schools in the area.