A North American energy producer is getting ready to break ground on a state of the art natural gas-fired power plant in Harrison County.

Caithness Energy representatives met with 12 News this afternoon to discuss plans for the new plant that is expected to break ground in July.

When fully-operational, the “Harrison Energy Center” will be the largest user of natural gas in West Virginia.

Energy produced at the plant will be sold into the PJM power grid that supplies electricity to West Virginia and neighboring states.

“That is very efficient, very water conserving, and very environmentally benign,” president Ross Ain said. “It will be a major contributor to the community both in terms of the jobs, the tax revenues and the utilization of local natural gas in the power plants.”

Caithness Energy selected Harrison County as the spot to build the plant for access to an abundance of nearby fuel and electric transmision lines.

The plant is slated to become operational in early 2022.