CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Nearly 1,000 children will have presents under the Christmas tree this year thanks to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

More than 40 volunteers helped distribute 933 bags of toys at a drive through in Clarksburg. Parents and family members drove up during a preset time, then checked in at the front gate.

Volunteers then ran into a massive warehouse finding the correct bag stuffed full of toys and clothing. Cars were then directed into another warehouse where volunteers waited to put the bags into the vehicles. Major Eric Roberts of the Salvation Army explained that this is a long-lasting tradition and nothing was going to stop them from bringing Christmas joy to the community.

“The Angel Tree program has been a big part of the Salvation Army for many years since the early seventies. The thing is, we want Christmas joy to be spread to everybody and the community has always come together to help us out and we appreciate the community doing that.”

The Salvation Army also raised enough money through volunteers and donations to provide 452 boxes stuffed with food for the holidays.