CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – Clarksburg has a new tattoo studio, and the artists are excited to bring their art to the community. “Lucky Omen Tattoo” held its ribbon cutting celebration at 209 North Fourth Street at 11 a.m. on Oct. 31.

Two artists have been preparing the new business since August of this year. Jason Ramirez Valtierra and Caitlyn Paugh are artists in the area who wanted to create their own inclusive space to bring more diversity into Clarksburg. Ramirez Valtierra, the owner, grew up in Clarksburg and it holds a special place in his heart, so the two decided to open the shop in town.

Caitlyn Paugh, an artist with her own booth at Lucky Omen Tattoo, has been tattooing for around five years and has a variety of clientele. Jason Ramirez Valtierra just recently finished his apprenticeship, so this will be his first year tattooing, but he is looking for customers. Their tattooing styles are similar but do have differences. Paugh offers neo-traditional, anime, and illustrative tattoos, while Ramirez Valtierra does mostly traditional, neo-traditional, and illustrative, but he leans more toward the spookier tattoos.

“I think art, in general, is just really important to the community. Growing up, I didn’t really participate in a lot of sports, but I was more of like an art person,” said Valtierra. “And I believe there’s a lot of kids out there that kind of need to see that you can do things with your art, not just like, have to go in a regular corporate job.”

The two artists were very excited to be opening their new shop together on Monday. They said they want to show all forms of art instead of just a select few that are available around Clarksburg now.

This new business is now open and accepting appointments that can be scheduled through social media or email. As of Oct. 31, there are no set hours for Lucky Omen Tattoo, and both artists plan to adjust around appointment schedulings. If interested in making an appointment, you can contact both artists here:

Jason Ramirez Valtierra:
Instagram – @JasonRamirezTattoo
Email –

Caitlyn Paugh:
Instagram – @CaitPaw
Email –