CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Since 12 News last spoke to Savion Wright, also known as “NOIVAS,” he has made it to the top five overall on The Voice, and will be competing in this season’s finale episode.

Wright moved over to Blake Shelton’s LAST team, where he said that he has learned how to be okay with being his most authentic self. He came to The Voice with a positive message for those going through rough times in life, as well as to inspire his two daughters when they get older. Wright said that he is excited to be doing this for his family and his community.

While speaking with 12 News reporter Makayla Schindler, Wright spoke of his wife and how thankful he is for her in life, as well as for pushing him to audition for the show. He dedicated his last performance to her and his daughters when singing “Skyfall” by Adele. The week of May 15 was emotional for NOIVAS when performing this song, due to his wife almost dying and losing their second daughter while in labor. However, she and the baby survived and are doing fine now.

Wright said, “It sucks not being there and missing milestones because that’s something that I really appreciate. You know, being home and really spending time with my girls but I’m here for them too. So, I have to remember that they’re going to look at this one day and be proud of what I’ve done, and hopefully, it’ll inspire them to continue to chase their dreams as well.”

Win or lose, NOIVAS’ goal is to spread the message of positivity as much as he can. He wants to put on a show for everyone, connect with everyone listening and watching, and be able to relate with them. Wright would like to thank all of those who have voted for him. If he were to win, he feels it would be an amazing opportunity to take home the trophy to show his girls that this is what can happen when you don’t give up on your dreams. “You know, this is what happens when you take a break from something and you can come back to it, and you come back bigger, better, stronger than you were before,” he said.

If you missed the last time we spoke to NOIVAS, he put his dreams aside for six years, and now he’s back. He said that he is here to win The Voice, and this time he has America’s help. May 15 was the first time America got to vote live, but May 22 is now the most important day to vote for contestants.

If interested in voting for NOIVAS, tune into NBC’s The Voice on Monday, May 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Then, log into your “The Voice” app and vote while performances are being done live. You will have from when the show is airing, until the next morning to vote. The results will be aired on Tuesday.

After the show airs, win or lose, Wright plans to begin working with songwriters as well as on the songs he has in his “vault” to come out with an album. He knows what style of music he wants to make, as he loves country and bluesy sounds.

Always remember, as NOIVAS would say, “Dream big, change the world, inspire.”