CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Nutter Fort Fire Department held their 11th Annual Ultimate Giveaway Bash at the Nathan Goff Armory in Clarksburg on Saturday. 

The Ultimate Giveaway is the biggest yearly fundraiser event that the Nutter Fort Fire Department holds and this year the event gave out almost $165,000 dollars worth in prizes.

“Everything has gone up, inflation has gone up and our money stays the same, which is not very much,” said Jeremy Haddix, Nutter Fort Fire Department Fire Chief, “The state gives us a small portion, the county gives us a small portion, but that money that comes in is not enough for a fire department to operate on.”

Fire Chief Haddix said everyone wants the fire department to show up when they are needed, but there are expenses they need to pay to be able to operate.

All funds raised during the Ultimate Giveaway Bash goes towards equipment, fire engines and whatever the Nutter Fort Fire Department may need.

Additionally, the Lions Club assisted with serving the food during the event and held a 50/50 raffle fundraiser.

For the people who did buy a ticket and want to see all the winners, the Nutter Fort Fire Department will have a list with all the winners on their webpage here.

If you missed Saturday’s event and would like to make a donation and support the Nutter Fort Fire Department, click here.