BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) – On Monday, the Bridgeport City Council discussed a proposal that would allow for alcohol sales to take place at The Bridge Sports and Recreation Complex. The council ultimately decided to not take action on the proposal and postponed it to an unknown date.

“We don’t know when we will bring it back,” Bridgeport City Manager Brian Newton said. “There was a lot of rumors out there that it would be sold in the concession stand, that’s not true. That it was going to be sold all the time, that’s not true.”

With the proposal, alcohol would not be sold at all times, but just for certain events.

“We currently have alcohol sales in the Civic Center, so we were just going to simply extend that to certain activities at The Bridge,” Newton said. “It was not going to be through the entire facility. It’s just certain events.”

Newton added that some changes discussed to a proposal were making sure a third party would be the one to sell it, not having employees at The Bridge sell it. He also mentioned having certain precautions like police protection if the facility were to sell alcohol.

“We get requests all the time from vendors wanting to either cater a meal or having an alcohol event there and we’ve always said no,” Newton said. “We’ve kind of tasked our staff with how do you grow a facility, how do you grow the events rather to make it a full compass facility.”