CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – Over the past three weeks, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has visited 24 places to speak out against Amendment 2. On Wednesday, Gov. Justice, and Babydog, visited the Harrison County Senior Citizen Center in Clarksburg for a community meeting to discuss Amendment 2 and West Virginia’s personal income tax.

In an interview with 12 News, Justice said, “Don’t vote for this at all because big corporations today are doing very well within the state of West Virginia and the people are hurting and literally at the end of the day, inflation is eating their lunch every single day so we need first and foremost to look out for our own people and everything.”

Justice told people he would be the person to benefit the most if Amendment 2 passes, but he says he signed up for this job for the people, not himself and he’s telling people not to vote for Amendment 2.

Justice took questions from members of the audience at the meeting. Around 70 people attended the session.

Here are some of Justice’s quotes from throughout the meeting:

  • “(Amendment 2) is the most important thing of my governorship.”
  • “What’s Amendment 2 really about? It’s about this changing our constitution, something that’s been in place since 1932.”
  • “When you pass this (Amendment 2), counties will have no control.”
  • “This is about a power grab, the bad stuff.”
  • “There is no guarantee if you pass this that you’ll get rid of your car tax.”