BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — West Virginia Republican Congressman David McKinley spent part of his Thursday afternoon in Bridgeport to speak with senior law enforcement officials in Harrison County.

Officials from Bridgeport, Clarksburg, and other Harrison County communities were invited to Bridgeport City Complex to speak with McKinley about things happening in the county that he might not be aware of. Specifically, he wanted to know logistically, how the units were holding up because he had heard other counties were struggling to keep officers.

“I was just at two other counties. We had a similar meeting with them,” he said. “They were saying that the greatest problem is they’re having trouble in recruitment and retention.”

Ahead of the meeting, McKinley hoped that it would give officials a platform to express their needs. He wanted to hear what was working in Harrison County and what could be done better that he could have a hand in fixing.

Prior to Thursday, McKinley spent periods earlier this week in Charleston, meeting with state officials about the budget for the national infrastructure bill and how it would go to serve the region. Overall, he said that the finances were still in the early stages, but was hoping to go back to Washington, D.C. next week to find out how funds could go towards mending West Virginia’s highways.