Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center premiers ‘Mine 9’ film


The film ‘Mine 9’ premiered at the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center Saturday night. It’s a story based on true events and depicts the harsh realities of coal mining in Appalachia.

‘Mine 9’ was written and produced by Eddie Mensore, a man who was raised in the Mountain State. The story tells of nine coal miners who are trapped two miles underground after a methane explosion with only one hour of oxygen. This leaves the miners racing to escape and reamain alive. It’s a film that will puts its audience on the edge of their seat with tragedy, terror, and survival.  

“I am a writer, it’s what I love to do. And to be able to write, you write what you know, you write from your heart and if it’s something that coal miners; I just want something that coal miners can be proud of, just to show them for the hero’s they are. And for the outsiders who don’t understand Appalachia maybe just to respect what these people provide for us. It’s a quite important to me,” said Mensore.  

After the premiere attendees had a chance for a meet and greet with Mensore and actors Clint James and Mark Ashworth.  

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