Run 4 Haiti Zombie 5k takes over Clarksburg Veteran's Park

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. - The Run 4 Haiti Zombie 5k was held at the Veteran's Park early Saturday morning in Clarksburg.

Each guest was given three flags and zombies along the course were tasked with capturing the flag from runners.

All proceeds from the race benefited a Haiti mission trip. Each year, volunteers of nurses and community members travel to Haiti to provide aid.

Races and events like this throughout the year allow this local group to continue their mission.

"There's a lot of kids there that we really feel would not make it without the support that we give and also there's people who raise money all year to buy food and shelter the list goes on, it's great," said Michele Lamb, a volunteer at the event. 

The mission trip will take place in the spring.

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