SALEM, W.Va. (WBOY) — Salem Elementary School kindergarten classroom #152 held an author’s night at the school Wednesday evening.

The kindergarten students, with help from their teacher Mrs. Phillips, wrote and published a book titled, “Saving Atlas, the Kindergarten Kitten.” Teachers said that the students have worked hard to prepare and publish a book about their experience rescuing Atlas, the kitten in their class.

“At the beginning, we thought we were just saving a life, little did we know he was going to save ours and have a book made, it was amazing to see. Each kid got to pick a picture of Atlas and then they got to draw what that picture looked like, and this is their wording of what the picture is about,” Brittney Goad, Salem Elementary School kindergarten Assistant said.

Teachers also added that the kids have watched over Atlas and have grown alongside him, he was found in the road by Goad who took him in and cared for him.

“He couldn’t hardly breath, he didn’t have his eyes open or anything,” Goad said. “I was able to get him into the vet the same day, and I took him into the vet and the chances of him living were very slim. The vet did not think he was going to make it.”

Phillips reached out to a neighbor who told her about the Sacred Heart Foundation board who told her about grants that were available, and the Harrison County Cultural Foundation.

“I wrote for two grants, I was blessed with them. And we have got centers for the students in the classroom to learn how to be veterinarians, how to be a groomer, a lot of books about cats. Then I extended it not only learning how to take care of animals but how to take care of themselves,” Jan Phillips, Salem Elementary Kindergarten Teacher said. “Every child doesn’t know what it is like to go to the doctor, go to the hospital, or what happens. Also, every child is afraid to go to the dentist, so I extended it for the doctor and dentist, medical field, and we have books for that as well.”

Phillips stated that being able to write a book with the kids has been a wonderful experience and through the program Student Treasures, they will give one book to the class and then Phillips paid for the rest of the books through the grants. One book will be placed in the Salem Public Library.