BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – If you have spotted a pile of sand at the Meadowbrook Mall in the last day or two, there’s a reason for it!

The Meadowbrook Mall will be hosting the “It’s a Sandsational Celebration!” event over the next 12 weeks.

From May 6-8, a team of seven professional sand sculptors will be turning the pile of sand into a piece representing north central West Virginia, including a “Welcome to Bridgeport” sign, a black bear and a forest.

While this just looks like a pile of sand, soon, it will take the shape of an art piece representing north central West Virginia. (WBOY Image)

“It’s exciting because it’s not something that you get to see every day. You see these pictures on the beaches, but you rarely see them here in West Virginia. So, it’s exciting to bring something unique to this area,” said Joseph Thomas, one of the sand sculptors.

Another sand sculptor, Matt Deibert, said “It’s fantastic to be here. I love it. I’ve had a lot of people already come up, and they’re interested in what’s going on because when you just see a pile of sand, they don’t even think for a second it’s going to be a sand sculpture. And they’re going to be really impressed.”

The piece is being built at Center Court directly across from the food court. It is expected to be completed on Monday.