BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The Bridgeport Fire Department hosted its Second Annual Fire Expo to train its firefighters this weekend in Bridgeport.

A total of 60 firefighters from 23 different departments went through real live-fire training courses.

Firefighters were trained in basic techniques, Rapid Intervention Teams, and Insight Training on thermal imaging cameras.

The instruction was provided by Interstate Rescue with instructors from all around the country.

“Those 23 different departments a lot of them work together, mutual aid when calls come in, so this is an opportunity for them to work together in training and find out each other and meld that teamwork, and that brotherhood and sisterhood together, so when they are on the call they will understand how each other operates,” said Rob Blasetti, Training Manager at Interstate Rescue.

30 more firefighters were doing another training class in a building that was set for demolition that the City of Clarksburg donated for them to use.

Blasetti believes these training exercises will not only help firefighters rescue more civilian lives successfully, but even save other firefighters lives.

The Bridgeport Fire Dept. has sponsored this event before in 2021. Blasetti said they did such a good job training firefighters in 2021 that they were asked to do this event again this year.