CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Officials with the City of Clarksburg are unveiling a new initiative that they hope will keep people safe as well as encourage them to watch out for one another.

As of Oct. 23, the City of Clarksburg is in the process of having twenty-two new “see something, say something” signs put up throughout the city.

The signs root from a campaign started by Clarksburg Mayor, Jim Malfregeot, after being shot during a carjacking at his home in 2020. Malfregoet said that the signs are an initiative to help keep the neighborhood and its citizens safe.

“You don’t have to identify yourself, you just call 911 and say ‘listen, you know I’ve got so-and-so on my porch, and he looks like – she looks like they’re all messed up on drugs.’ You know, we will respond immediately, but you know, if you wait until the next day and call, there’s nothing we can do,” Malfregeot said.