CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Harrison County Senior Citizens’ Center hosted a “meet the candidates” event in its ballroom on Wednesday.

This event began with a “social” at 5:30 p.m., where candidates had the opportunity to talk with voters one-on-one. To follow, was a program of five-minute candidate presentations where they could present their platform or topics of their choice.

Candidates for the Harrison County Commission, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, State Senate District 12, and House of Delegates for the 69th, 70th, 71st, and 72nd districts were invited to participate. The speaker order went as followed:

  • David Hinkle (R) – Harrison County Commission
  • Mike Romano (D) – Harrison County Commission
  • Annette Wright (D) – Harrison County Clerk
  • John Spires (R) – Harrison County Clerk
  • Garth Beck (R) – Harrison County Circuit Clerk
  • Albert Marano (D) – Harrison County Circuit Clerk
  • Austin Lynch (L) – WV State Senate District 12
  • Ben Queen (R) – WV State Senate District 12
  • Keith Marple (R) – WV House of Delegates District 69
  • Ron Watson (D) – WV House of Delegates District 69
  • Ryan Deems (D) – WV House of Delegates District 70
  • Mickey Petito (R) – WV House of Delegates District 70
  • Laura Kimble (R) – WV House of Delegates District 71
  • Robert (Rob) Garcia (D) – WV House of Delegates District 71
  • Derek McIntyre (D) – WV House of Delegates District 72
  • Clay Riley (R) – WV House of Delegates District 72

Bill O’Field, senior center board of directors president explained that voting is very important, but people can not vote if they do not know all the answers to the questions they have regarding candidates. This gives them the opportunity to figure out what they want to know, so they get a better understanding of who to vote for. O’Field said that it is even more important to senior citizens. “Our seniors, take their voting very seriously. They’ve lived through wars, they have, some have lost family members in the name of our country, saving our protection for our right to vote. This is their way to say ‘I’m involved, I want to know,’ and as we know, seniors vote.”

After the last presentation, candidates were able to spend more time with the voters for more questions and one-on-one talking.

Early voting begins on Oct. 26 and will run until Nov. 5. General Election Day will be held on Nov. 8, when polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and will close at 7:30 p.m.