SHINNSTON, W.Va. – The Sunset-Ellis Restaurant in Harrison County has decided to put an end its 67-year run and will be closing its doors.

“Throughout the years, some incredibly profound bonds have been formed with our patrons and our staff, and we have so many cherished memories of these relationships that will always remain with us,” Antoinette Ellis-Casto said in a recent Facebook post. “Instead of looking at the conclusion of our story with sadness comwait with sadness, we choose to commemorate this final chapter cheerfully, and we invite everyone to stop by and help us celebrate what has brought us so much pleasure during these 67 years. Anyone who would like to wish my father well as this chapter ends, I will tell them that the best time to catch him is between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m.”

Regarding her father, she said, “my father Anthony is a remarkable man whose steadfast devotion has continued what has been a family legacy for many decades, and I am so grateful for the example he has set and from which we have all learned. He deserves to open a new door in his life -one that flourishes with more time to enjoy less responsibility.”

The restaurant’s final day of operation is scheduled for June 26.