LOST CREEK, W.Va. – On Sunday, the Southern Area Library in Harrison County held its annual “Taste of Soup” fundraiser at the Lost Creek Community Center.

For over 12 years, the taste of soup fundraiser has brought the community together and helped support a small town library in Lost Creek, West Virginia.

Nearly a dozen soup makers came together to create a wide variety of soups for the public to try, with a monetary donation.

The Southern Area Library helps the local community with buy books for students who attend both Lost Creek Elementary School and West Milford Elementary School.

“Our library does a lot for our community, and it goes unnoticed a lot. We help the local schools in our area and it’s important that everyone gives back and helps support the library, because we do so much for the people in our community,” said Kara Hall, Southern Area Library trustee. “We go in to local schools and buy books. We have a program going on with the 2nd grade and we go in and send books home with students.”

This event also supports local authors and allows you the chance to meet them in person and buy a signed book.

The Taste of Soup fundraiser is the library’s biggest yearly fundraiser, and all proceeds raised benefit the Southern Area Library and allows them to do more for the local community.

The library also offers other programs like the Adult Book Club, Teen Book Club, Learn to Sew class and a Cook for One class.

To find more information about the Southern Area Library in Lost Creek, click here.