HEPZIBAH, W.Va. — The Bow Shop in Harrison County kicked off its youth bow league on Sunday. Due to the inclement weather, attendance was lighter than usual, but excitement was still palpable throughout the range.

About 20 children, ranging from elementary to high school, stepped up with their bows to give their best shot. Of course, the distances of the targets varied based on age; elementary school kids shot from 10 yards away, middle school from 15, and high school from 20.

This was the third year The Bow Shop hosted a league, and owners had been happy with its success year after year. Harold Cogar, who owns The Bow Shop, believed that the league’s success was due in part to the family aspects that come along with archery.

“I actually built this for families to come in and have something in the winter months to do together. It’s one of the few sports that they all can do together,” Cogar said.

The Bow Shop has 12 meetings for its youth league, and children are allowed to enroll at any point along the way. Click here to view The Bow Shop’s Facebook page with future events.