BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – GameChanger is a student-powered program meant to educate students about substance misuse and promote drug-free lifestyles. GameChangers are typically implemented into West Virginia schools, but now, the Bridge Sports Complex will become a part of the movement as well, making it the first GameChanger complex of its kind in West Virginia, according to a release from The Bridge.

Starting in June, The Bridge will assist in this mission by providing the students an outlet for recreation so they can rise above the influence of drugs.

West Virginia currently leads the nation in opioid deaths, with 42 out of 100,000 residents dying annually from drug overdoses, 82% of which involve opioids. The Bridge is excited to assist in breaking the cycle of addiction and preventing young people from turning to illicit substances, according to the release.

To celebrate receiving this distinction, The Bridge will host the GameChanger Tailgate: Family Fun Extravaganza at the Citynet Center on June 3 starting at 5:00 p.m. The free event will include games, competitions and tournaments, a live DJ, food and end with a spectacular firework display. There will be giveaways and grand prizes available. Former NFL player Ryan Leaf will attend the event as keynote speaker.

For more information about the event, contact The Bridge Sports Complex at (304)848-8270. More information will be released in the upcoming weeks.