BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Bridge Sports Complex celebrated its one-year anniversary on June 21.

Droo Callahan, General Manager at The Bridge, mentioned that the past year has been an enormous uplift and tremendous fun. Like any new business, it hired some of its first people and some left, but the team is “unbelievable.” The community engagement it has received has been “outrageous,” and programs and events have been “outstanding,” Callahan said. He added that The Bridge may not be everything everybody wants, but he feels it is filling a need in the community.

Kids take a class at The Bridge Sports Complex on July 14, 2022. WBOY image.

Going into year two, The Bridge is trying to improve activities that it provided in the past year by working alongside the council. The previous council that set the sports complex up helped tremendously in knowing what the community needed, he said. Moving forward, it will be working on a lot of feasibility studies to see what the community additionally needs.

The biggest thing that will be different in its second year will be memberships. For the first year, it had an “early bird membership,” but the council decided to stay at regular pricing for this coming year. In total, it is trying to perfect everything it had in the past year.

It will even be adding a homeschool and after-school program so that kids can be bussed to The Bridge from elementary schools to participate in health and wellness.

“At the first year’s conclusion, and understand, a lot of our staff was on a year prior to that, so the first year was really difficult,” Callahan said. “You’re planning, doing everything you think you need to do to open the doors. And then they open the doors, then you’re frantically trying to figure out what you need to do to solve problems and make the experience better.”

Year two means the balancing of both, customers understanding what The Bridge is doing, as well as the bridge doing a better job at providing great service and products.

When in an interview with a 12 News reporter, Callahan was asked why he felt it is important to celebrate the business’s one-year anniversary. He explained that they celebrate victories in their staff meetings every day when they also discuss where it may have fallen short. He added that the best thing about their staff is that they have fun, but they work hard. While they may work 60 hours a week, they also play basketball in their staff meeting.

Its ultimate goal is to be the “central hub” for sports in north central West Virginia. The sports complex is looking to expand and explore different ideas and attractions that will continue bringing people into the community to help local businesses succeed.

Event-wise, Callahan said The Bridge is running into its slower season, but that it will be having a few more baseball tournaments over the next couple of weeks. When school starts in August, The Bridge will go back to its regular programming where things are a little more extended over time.