Tips to protect your plants and shrubs during uncertain weather


March, up to this point, has been anything but “mild.” 

If you are clearing snow off your lawn mower and wondering how this snow is affecting your shrubs and daffodils, experts said the steps you might be taking to protect them may not be working. 

“Probably laying like a cloth on top of them or newspapers or tarps because when they get weighted down with the type of snow that we had this last time or even what is expected on Saturday, that is just going to fold the flowers down again. They need basically like a bucket over top of them, something that will withstand weight,” said Susie Wright with the garden center at Home Depot. 

If you are ready for all things spring and have flowers and shrubs on your mind, Wright said that planting season won’t be for a few more weeks. 

“There used to be an old saying to wait until memorial day to plant, especially your flowers, now they have backed it up till May the 15. Your trees and that can go in the ground a little bit earlier but wait till the ground warms up otherwise when you put that tree in the ground the roots aren’t going to go anywhere, same way with your perennials. Let the ground warm up,” explained Wright. 

There are a few things you can do to prepare for planting season. 

“Rake the leaves off your flower bed and you can put new soil down and if you wanted to you could even dig the holes for your trees and shrubs and wait till the weather warms up and then you have the hole already prepared and you can just put your trees and shrubs in like that,” added Wright. 

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