GLEN ELK, W.Va. – Tomaro’s Bakery was purchased by Joey Oliverio and his son, Edward on Feb. 25.

John Burnett, former co-owner of Tomaro’s Bakery with his mother and sister, said their family wanted to be able to handpick the perfect family to carry on their legacy that started in 1914. Tomaro’s Bakery was owned by Antonio Tomaro’s family for 108 years, four generations.

John Burnett talks about the history of his family’s business, started in 1941 by his great-grandfather Antonio Tomaro.

Feb. 27 was the first day of business for members of the Oliverio family at Tomaro’s Bakery; the bakery’s name was purchased along with everything else. According to Burnett, the only thing that has changed is the name on the paper that shows ownership of the business.

“It wasn’t just the building, they bought the business. There is nothing that is going to change. I would like to assure the Harrison County, north central West Virginia area that I have had many talks with the Oliverio family. They bought our recipes, they bought the equipment, they bought everything because they don’t want anything to change. It was time to let another family continue our legacy that would continue it with as good of family roots and background that we have always strived for,” said John Burnett, former co-owner of Tomaro’s Bakery.

One condition of the sale includes the job security for five employees who worked for more than 20 years at Tomaro’s Bakery. They will keep their job and work under the new ownership until they are of age to retire.