BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – It started as a normal Wednesday morning for All About Dogs owner Brenda Scotchie. She was performing meet and greets for puppies to make sure they could play with each other while staying at her facility, which opened two months ago.

“We had just told the owners that they could leave, and, so, we thought they were on their way out,” said Brenda Scotchie, owner of All About Dogs.

But, that wasn’t the case.

“You could hear a snap, like a really loud snap. One of the employees said that they had heard revving of an engine.”

And, that’s when the truck came through the wall of the business.

“It just seemed like it went on forever.”

Brenda Scotchie, Owner of All About Dogs

An employee said the truck’s tires continued to spin, resulting in the smoke seen in the footage.

After the truck came in, Scotchie had one thing on her mind.

“But, our first concern was that everybody was safe and the dogs were safe, and thank goodness everyone was safe.”

And, in her time of need, Scotchie’s neighbors came to save the day.

“A wonderful contractor down the road, and he came right up to see who he could help, and they put that wall right in for us.”

The truck owner said his foot got stuck on the pedal, and that it was an accident. Scotchie said though it’s a freak accident, she’s hopeful that they can recover from this.

Right now, the business is closed, but it is hoping to open back up soon.