BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – January is National Blood Donor Month, and blood donations around the country are at their lowest in years.

Officials from United Hospital Center in Bridgeport said blood donations from the public are extremely important, as you can’t find blood on store shelves.

According to UHC, the hospital uses about 15-20 units of blood between 10 to 12 patients every day between platelets, red blood cells and plasma.

Most of the blood used at UHC is not from trauma patients, but from other things, like illness or surgery.

“Most of the hospitals around are giving blood to the patients up in a hospital room that has chronic anemia, or the person who goes to surgery and bleeds a little bit, or a cancer patient that’s undergoing chemotherapy that needs platelets,” said Ralph Johns, UHC’s Blood Bank Lead Technologist.

UHC is holding a blood drive with Vitalant on Feb. 2, but as of publication, their blood drive is full. To find a blood drive near you, you can check out the American Red Cross website here, or the Vitalant website here.