CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – United Technical Center hosted its annual car show in its parking lot Sunday to raise funds for its Skills USA competition.

Center instructors said that the funds raised will benefit the Skills USA program and the travel expenses for eight students who won state championships to compete in a national competition in Atlanta, Georgia. Skill’s USA is an organization of students, teachers and industry professionals working to build a skilled workforce across the country.

“It’s been getting tougher because the price of everything has been going up food, trophies, everything that we do. But we’re still keeping it to $10 registration fees for the cars, you know if we have 110 cars here that adds up. We do a 50/50, we sell food, we’ve got a raffle on a sign up front,” said Steve Shaffer, Instructor of the Power Sports Program and Advisor for the Skills USA program.

Officials at the center also stated they have some groups who donate to help the kids like the North Central Corvette Club and Harry Green Chevrolet. They said any and all donations are greatly appreciated to support the kids in the skills competition.

“A lot of these guys, since its early in the year this is kind of the first time a lot of them have been out and you get to see your old buddies and bring all your old cars up. Looks like we have some cars here from some distance, some distance away. And you know, usually on a good day we’ll have 100 plus cars here,” Shaffer said. “It’s starting off really good today. I think we’re going to have quite a few cars here. But it’s just a group of guys and girls that come down and enjoy old cars, and music, and just kind of have a good time.”

Shaffer added that the center trains high school students and adults to be able to go out into the workforce with hands-on skills.