BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties has set up a gift-wrapping booth in the center court of the Meadowbrook Mall.

Donations are accepted at the gift-wrapping station but are not required to have a present or two wrapped for the holiday season. All the donations received will go to help support United Ways 21 partner agencies throughout Harrison and Doddridge Counties.

Executive director of United Way for Harrison and Doddridge Counties, Brad Riffee, said those agencies rely on their funding to operate and provide for children, seniors, veterans, and many more. He said that you don’t have to buy the gift at the mall; any gift you bring to them can be wrapped.

“It’s about serving our people and numerous times we had folks who probably spent their last dollar on buying that Christmas present for their kid or their loved one. And they come up here, and they’re like, you know, I really want to help out. You know, we’ll wrap presents, we’re here to wrap we’re here to serve,” said Riffee. “While donations make it all possible, conversations do too, and that is community, and that is what we are here to build, community. Because without community I truly believe that we don’t have anything,”

The gift-wrapping station’s goal is to try and raise $10,000 through the gift of giving a charitable donation. They have also reached approximately 60% of their $780,000 overall campaign goal, so far.

“Interacting with folks who visit the booth, listening to them, talking to them about United Way services, that’s, that’s so important because through those conversations we connect them to our 21 partner agencies and the services they provide,” Riffee said. “We are just extremely blessed to have the folks here supporting us, our volunteers, the people who do stop at the booth.”

Riffee explained that United Way members and volunteers are doing a lot of work behind the scenes and that they are doing everything they can in the spotlight and behind the scenes to help people lending support.