CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WOWK) — 96-year-old military veteran William “Sport” Holloway is the latest publicly confirmed suspicious death at the VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He died April 8, 2019, the very next day Air Force Veteran George Shaw died there, and the day after that, Army veteran Felix McDermott passed away, too. All three died from unnecessary insulin injections.

Tony O’Dell, an attorney for some of the Clarksburg VA Medical Center victims, said, “The frustration is with the VA because the investigation should have begun when there was a first medically-unexplainable hypoglycemic event. And then the family should have been made aware. Then you had the second one and the third one.”

All died on Wing 3-A of the hospital. O’Dell also has an unnamed “Patient A” who died from hypoglycemia, even though he was not diabetic, “Really the only explanation for that would be an insulin injection, but we don’t have the autopsy back yet.”

And he represents another family for unnamed “Patent B” who died of a “Medically unexplainable severe hypoglycemic event, so everything matches up.”

Right now, by an unofficial count, 16 families have hired attorneys or contacted federal investigators about suspicious deaths at the VA

“It’s just a horrible situation and I want people to know I’m doing everything in my power. I’m on it continuously, talking for all those who are involved, the U.S. Attorney’s office,” said Senator Joe Manchin, (D-West Virginia).

So far two of the deaths are considered homicides, and investigators have an unnamed person of interest. As for why no one has been arrested yet, WOWK 13 News is told that every time there is publicity in the case, more families come forward wondering if the death of a loved one at the Clarksburg VA is suspicious, too. Investigators are trying to dot all the “I’s” and dot all the “T’s” before moving forward.