Volunteers shirts at the Veterans event (WBOY Image)

LOST CREEK, W.Va. – The people of Lost Creek came together to show their support for veterans.  

On Saturday, at the town’s community building, the West Virginia chapter of Operation Firm Handshake held their annual event to recognize veterans and reunite them with their friends and family.  

“We just felt like there wasn’t enough being done to honor veterans. It seemed like Veteran’s Day wasn’t as big of a deal as it used to be and we wanted to give it a boost, a shot in the arm so to say,” Martin Broderick, a veteran of the Marine Corps and president of WV Operation Firm Handshake, said.

Broderick said nearly 1,000 veterans came out to enjoy food, music and raffle prizes in honor of all that they have done to serve our country. 

Operation Firm Handshake car (WBOY Image)

The West Virginia chapter of Operation Firm Handshake holds their veteran’s appreciation day every year in the month of May. The organization also has a new chapter in Tennessee, where they put on this same event in July.