BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Bears seem to be running rampant across the region lately. In the latest bear-related incident, a Bridgeport resident submitted doorbell videos of one putting its snout where it doesn’t belong.

The videos were submitted by 12 News viewer Jackie Herrera, who said that they bought the house in December and that it was their first time ever seeing the bear. They said that while they have a coop with 10 chickens inside, the bear never tried to break in. Rather, the bear broke into the nearby bird feeder and ate the seeds out of it, leading Jackie to remove the bird feeder.

This is just one of several bear-related incidents that have caught local attention recently. A Nicholas County Principal recently went viral after a bear jumped out from a dumpster he was unlatching. In the region, multiple bears were also spotted trotting around the campus of West Virginia Wesleyan in Buckhannon earlier this month and a bear “ding dong ditched” a Fairmont home. Thankfully, no injuries were reported during either of these incidents.