BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – WVU Medicine United Hospital Center partnered up with Vitalant to host a blood drive on Wednesday at the Bridge Sports Complex’s Citynet Center.

The blood drive filled all 33 appointment slots available, as well as accepted some walk-in donations.

Donors could give the classic whole blood donation, or a double-red or plasma donation.

The centrifuge separates the blood into three parts: red blood cells, plasma and platelets. (WBOY Image)

Officials from Vitalant said they are hoping drives like this will help remedy the nationwide blood shortage.

“We are eternally grateful to UHC, and as a non-profit organization, we are very grateful to any local organization in Bridgeport who can host a drive. With every drive hosted, many, many lives are saved,” said Kristen Lane, Communications Manager for Vitalant.

Vitalant also commended the work of United Hospital Center for filling up all of the appointment slots for the drive.

The drive for UHC and Vitalant will be in June.