CLARKSBURG, W.V. – The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department held their Shop with a Cop program on Dec. 12 at the Clarksburg Walmart.

For over forty years, the Shop with a Cop program has been giving officers the opportunity to spend time with Harrison County kids, and leave a positive impression with them. This year, elementary schools around the county each picked 12 kids to be in the program.  

The long history of the Shop with a Cop program has attracted veteran donors for the funds that help provide gifts to the less fortunate kids in Harrison County every year.

“This is a great opportunity for us because the kids don’t always get to see us on their best day, if we show up, usually something bad happened, whether it be a car wreck, household fire, something going on in the home, so we don’t want them to, every time they see a police officer, just associate that bad day. So, this is just another way for us to be with the kids and interact in a positive way, and they can see us and kind of the real guys that we are, and the real people that we are,” said Coty Shingleton, Harrison County Deputy Sheriff and President of the Harrison county Deputy Association.

With donations of over twenty thousand dollars, the program has potential to expand, providing gifts for students in middle and high schools.