ANMOORE, W.Va. (WBOY) — A Bridgeport woman spotted a black bear in Anmoore Friday morning.

Hannah Seybert was headed south on Emily Drive when she saw a bear on the hill near the intersection of Route 58 and the I-79 on-ramp. She posted the video on Facebook.

There are plenty of stores and restaurants in the area where the bear was spotted.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) offered some tips on its website this spring about how West Virginians can deal with nuisance black bears:

  • Keep garbage secure, inside, and only place cans out for collection on the morning of pick-up rather than the night before.
  • Seal strong-smelling food inside a plastic bag before placing them in the trash so the smell doesn’t attract bears.
  • Don’t place food scraps in a compost pile during the summer.
  • Don’t leave outdoor pet food out overnight.
  • Wait until fall to put out bird feeders.
  • Keep livestock feed in bear-proof containers or inside a secure building.
  • Install an electric fence to keep bears out of beehives and chicken houses.

The DNR warns that often, bears can become more of a nuisance once they get a taste for human food, and have to be put down for safety reasons, which is why it’s illegal to deliberately feed a black bear in West Virginia.