CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – As school shootings and other threats increased in the last decade, Harrison County Schools is taking measures to prevent the incidents.

Weapon detectors will be available for schools throughout the county. Although they can also act as de facto metal detectors, they shouldn’t pick up students’ belts and other small metal items if set up properly.

On Tuesday, a demonstration took place at Bridgeport High School to show and explain how the equipment works.

“We’re looking forward to starting,” said Harrison County Board of Education Director of Safety and Discipline, Jason Snider. “It’s going to be a slow process and we have not picked any individual schools at this point. We’re doing our demo here today at Bridgeport, but it will go from school to school.”

Currently, the county doesn’t have enough to supply to every school in the county, so the weapon detectors will be dispersed by request on an as-needed basis.

For one unit, the price for the detectors is $15,000. However, the thought of keeping the school safe is priceless.

“Absolutely anything we can do to help, keep, prevent and detour and just keep things where we can monitor them, it’s just what we’re trying to do,” Lincoln High School Resource Officer Cody Shingleton said.