CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Love it or hate it, there is a good chance you have at least heard of Bitcoin (BTC) or some other form of cryptocurrency, but did you know that you could buy it at a gas station in West Virginia?

Coin Depot ATM at Circle K on W Pike St. (WBOY image)

If buying Bitcoin with cash is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, Circle K at 1525 W Pike St. in Clarksburg can make those dreams come true.

A Coin Depot ATM was installed at the gas station late last year where users can buy Bitcoin with cash after entering their phone number, name and email address. Purchases of $251 or more worth of BTC will require a photo of your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.

However, these machines are far from uncommon. There are also two crypto ATMs in Bridgeport, 29 in Morgantown, five in Fairmont and even one in Thomas in Tucker County.

Coin ATM Radar maps the location of cryptocurrency ATMs and lists at least 100 of these machines in West Virginia. While 100 may sound like a lot for West Virginia, it’s quite tame when you realize Pittsburgh has over 300 crypto ATMs on its own, and there are more than 34,000 machines across the U.S.

It is important to note that many of these machines will not allow you to withdraw cash from your digital wallet in exchange for BTC or other cryptocurrencies. The Coin Depot in Circle K will only allow the buying of more cryptocurrency with cash or a credit card, not the other way around.

It shouldn’t be surprising that cryptocurrency stations are popping up all over the U.S. An NBC News poll in March found that 21% of the 1,000 Americans polled have invested in, traded or used cryptocurrency. Another study by Pew Research Center in November of last year found that same metric to be at around 16%.

According to another survey by CouponBirds, Some people are even interested in getting partially compensated in cryptocurrency by their employers. The study found that among the 3,011 respondents, the average employee would have liked to receive 38% of their monthly salary in virtual currency. Based on the average income of those polled, if 38% of their income was in the form of digital assets, the value of those assets would have decreased by $2,656.67 since Jan. of 2022.

West Virginia was significantly lower than the average, at just a decrease in value of $590.01, only ranking higher than Arkansas at $575.73. This lines up with West Virginia’s seeming disinterest in cryptocurrency integration, ranking 49th in the Technology and Innovation category in CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business in 2022, with cryptocurrency and blockchain playing a factor in the category rankings according to their methodology.