CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Those who were 21 years or older got the chance to attend a wine tasting at the Gore Luxe, courtesy of the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival.

Held in the lobby of the Gore Luxe, the wine tasting featured the finest wines from Haunting Hill Winery, The Sweeter Side of The Feud Winery and West Virginia Fruit and Betty. Also being sold at the event were complimentary wine glasses which sampled over 20 different featured wines. Besides an art exhibit being present, attendees were also treated to live music performed by Holly Turkovich.

“Wine is an important part of Italian culture and it is great that these local businesses are here today to mesh those two homemade delicious wines and Italian culture, friends, and family. And the teams with the Italian Heritage Festival have worked hard to put this together,” said Marissa Bailey, Regina Maria XLIII. “For a lot of Italian families, it means a lot to gather together at the table for a meal and wine is a large part of that meal. Being able to taste all of the hard work that families put into making it in their homemade tradition. So, being able to bring that homemade element, that hard work to the table for a celebration is really special.”

During the festivities of the fundraiser, tours were made available of the Gore Luxe Development, showcasing what the building has to offer.

Organizers said that they have to raise money throughout the year through fundraising and sponsorships. This year, members said they will be having different fundraising cultural events each month to raise money for the festival.

“We’re starting to do fund raisers every month to try and raise money for the festival, and it is just come in $20 you get a wine glass, we’ve got a little bit of food to eat, we have different wines to sample, we have a little bit of gift items here, we have a cigar man here, and it’s just come have a nice afternoon and hang out,” said Marsha Viglianco, Board of Directors member of the Italian Heritage Festival.

Members of the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival announced that a pasta cook-off will be making a comeback to the festival next year and will take place in August two weeks before the festival kicks-off in downtown Clarksburg.