BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Bridgeport Police Department is warning the community that people are attempting to pass prop money as real cash.

The Bridgeport Police Department posted a picture on Facebook of some of the fake cash that’s circulating and highlighted some of the differences between it and real cash. Most notably, the fake cash that’s circulating is labeled “For Motion Picture Purposes” on the front and back, and on the back, above the “Twenty Dollars” mark, there’s a banner that says “Prop Money Inc.”

Some other differences include the fact that “In God We Trust” is “In Props We Trust” on the fake money, a “Motion Picture Purposes Prop Money Ic.” seal on the front side of the bill and differences in Andrew Jackson’s face.

Many of the differences between the prop money and real money are on the center of the bills, not the edges. Use the sliders below to compare the fake money to real $20 bills.

The prop money (left) and a real $20 bill (right).
The prop money (left) and a real $20 bill (right).

Bridgeport Police are advising people to take notice of the bills they receive to ensure they’re real. Police said some of the people trying to pass the fake bills will put markings on them to try and make them look more like real money.