BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – With the next winter storm approaching, road crews in north central West Virginia are preparing for the potential of slippery conditions.

The West Virginia Division of Highways said it plans to start using pre-treatment brine on the road, as well as have crews all weekend long treating and plowing the roads as needed.

“Salt brine in itself is the same rock salt that we distribute out of the back of our trucks, it’s just we’ve already dissolved it in water. Then, we spray it on the road,” said Joe Pack, Deputy State Highway Engineer for the West Virginia DOH.

The City of Bridgeport’s Emergency Management Office also said it’s prepared to take on the storm, as it has two years’ worth of salt on-hand at any given time.

“We have plenty of salt to go around. Our trucks are good to go. So everybody’s ready to go,” said Timothy Curry, Director of Bridgeport’s Emergency Management Office.

According to StormTracker 12 meteorologists, most of north central West Virginia is predicted to get anywhere from 3-6″ as of their forecast on March 10.