BRIDGEPORT. W.Va. (WBOY) — WV Fitness 24 is hosting its 6th Annual “Jumping in July” to raise money for the Harrison County Humane Society and the ALS Association.

Anyone, gym member or not, can participate by doing however many jumping jacks they would like, filling out the paper inside of the gym, and choosing which charity they would like to have their donation sent to.

They have mats outside of the turf room area to do the jumping jacks, but people can also participate from home. Those who are not members have the opportunity to participate and receive a free month of membership, just by posting a short video on social media and tagging WV Fitness 24.

There is a goal of 100,000 jumping jacks, and the gym was close to 10,000 on July 8. Nolan Tucci, general manager of the gym, mentioned that they have come very close to hitting this goal in previous years, but he is hopeful this is the year they finally reach it.

Jumping in July originated when the owners, Ashley and Clinten Aragona, came up with the idea six years ago while doing things to help out the Humane Society. The ALS Association became part of the event when Tucci’s father passed away from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) seven years ago. The owners and manager wanted to work together for something they all felt passionate about. Although the owners came up with the idea, Tucci followed along in helping bring the fundraiser to fruition.

While discussing why fundraisers like this are important, Nolan Tucci said, “we just want to create awareness, like, let people know how much help they do need at the shelter and then with ALS. Just, just create awareness about that, cause I think a lot of people still don’t know about either of those, or how much they can help just by simply just dropping off some food or donating to either charity would be a huge help for both of them.”

Sixty-five local businesses have partnered with WV Fitness 24 for a big giveaway. All they are asking for people to do is share this post and tag three people who you think may like to participate and you will be entered to win between four baskets. Winners will be announced at the end of July.

Those interested in donating for either cause can either donate at the gym, located in Bridgeport or find more information for donating online here.