BRIDGEPORT W.Va. – A Harrison County gym wants to achieve 100,000 jumping jacks in the month of July. WV Fitness 24 is holding it’s 5th annual “Jumping in July.”

Participates do jumping jacks to help support “Jumping in July”.

The marathon will be raising money for the Harrison County Humane Society and the ALS Association.

Participates can do jumping jacks at the fitness center, or at home, and tag the gym with #JumpinginJuly.

“Our owners, Clint and Ashley, they’re real big animal people, and then ALS, my dad actually passed away from it about 6 years ago. So, we kind of combined something they liked and something I liked, and we just kind of ran with it,” said General Manager, Nolan Tucci.

The gym also has 20 other north central West Virginia businesses joining the challenge.