BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice visited Bridgeport on Tuesday to announce that additional jobs coming to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at the North Central West Virginia Airport.

Justice said that in June, MHI increased its workforce from 319 to 517. Now, it is poised to increase that figure to about 750 over the next several months.

“Today, I am now announcing an additional, get this, an additional 240 employees that MHI will be hiring over the next few months, between now and March of 2021, bringing their total workforce up to approximately 750 people,” said Justice.

“We can’t keep up with the announcements. And, that’s what’s happening in West Virginia. You know, whether it be, you know, West Virginia methanol, or it be broadband, or it be Clorox, or it, now it be hyperloop or now it be MHI. Think about it. It just, it’s one right after another, right after another. Or, the explosion of tourism throughout our state. West Virginia’s moving, people.”

Justice also announced several grants that were awarded to projects in north central West Virginia, totaling more than $2.5 million. They include the following:

  • $110,000 for Thomas riverfront bridge project
  • $162,000 for Pleasant Valley sidewalk project phase 4
  • $185,000 for Pleasant Valley sidewalk project phase 5
  • $250,000 for Salem sidewalk project
  • $50,000 for Bruceton Mills sidewalk project
  • $480,000 for Morgantown Pleasant Street streetscape project
  • $100,000 for Morgantown Municipal Airport streetscape project
  • $240,785 for Buckhannon river walk trail project
  • $600,000 for Bridgeport community connectivity trail project
  • $180,500 for Corrick’s Ford Battlefield Park development project
  • $90,000 for Glenville sidewalk rehabilitation project
  • $100,000 for Harrisville sidewalk improvement project phase 4

Justice also awarded the following Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Program grants:

  • $150,000 for the Alum Cave Overlook at Audra State Park
  • $187,500 for the Monongalia National Forest in Randolph County
  • $125,000 for Blackwater Falls State Park in Tucker County

You can watch the full press conference here.